Airbnb is a great example of how lucrative the sharing economy can be. Not only is the company making itself rich, but it’s also making its hosts a lot of extra income throughout their business model.

We all know that great marketing leads to great success in business. That is…

In the last tutorial, we’ve seen a few examples of building simple regression models using PyTorch. In today’s tutorial, we will build our very first neural network model, namely, the feedforward neural network model.

In the last tutorial, we’ve learned the basic tensor operations in PyTorch. In this post, we will observe how to build linear and logistic regression models to get more familiar with PyTorch.

Which framework should you use for deep learning? According to my online research, TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch are the most popular libraries mentioned in the ML community. TensorFlow works better with large-scale implementation while PyTorch works well for rapid prototyping in research. Both frameworks provide maximum mathematically-inclined flexibility. …

This is the question I have been constantly asking myself ever since I started learning foreign languages. My mother tongue is Korean and soon after I started learning English, I found that there are Korean expressions that do not share English equivalency but only exhibit tiny nuances.

One example of…

We are four research interns at Mila who came together during the Artificial Intelligence for Social Good Lab. While most work related to gender bias within the machine learning community is focused on debiasing existing models we are building a dataset tailored for detecting gender bias in text by crowdsourcing our labels.

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Andrea Eunbee Jang

Born in Korea, raised in Vancouver, living in Montreal. 🇨🇦 🇰🇷

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